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We’re both monsters, Barnabas. Just two big fish in an itty-bitty pond. 

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dark shadows au fancast

collinsport; a sleepy fishing town on the coast of main, with a long history of ghosts, witchcraft, and unexplained happenings. the collins family, the town’s founding dynasty, has crumbled under the weight of its bloody legacy. collinwood, their once grand manor atop widows hill is a shell of it’s former splendor, but the shadow it casts over the rest of collinsport is as dark as ever…

after nearly 200 years, angelique returns to her old stomping ground to take care of some unfinished business with the collins family (namely, driving a stake through the heart of a certain vampire). her plans get complicated by the arrival of her old enemy-slash-sometimes-lover laura, a phoenix with her own axe to grind in the house on the hill.

victoria winters, governess to the collins family’s youngest son, is searching for answers about her own past and she can’t help feeling that she’s going to find them inside the dark halls of collinwood. when she discovers an old portrait of a woman who looks just like her, her search takes a dangerous turn that leads her straight to angelique.

meanwhile, elizabeth stoddard, the collins matriarch, is trying to retain what little dignity and money her family has left and keep her rebellious daughter, carolyn, out of trouble. she isn’t exactly thrilled when laura, her former sister-in-law, shows up at her door and starts stirring up old trouble. elizabeth’s main solace comes from her friendship with dr. julia hoffman, a researcher who specializes in what is officially known as “rare blood disorders” (and unofficially knowns “vampirism”). julia’s work has so far been mostly theoretical, but when bodies start washing up on the shore completely drained of blood, her theories become a reality.

these women, each with her own agenda and secrets, are all linked by two centuries of blood and misery, and it’s going to take a little more of both to get them down the road they’re all traveling together.

featuring | meaghan rath as angelique bouchard | alaina huffman as laura collins | alexandra metz as victoria winters | lucy liu as elizabeth collins stoddard | chloe bennet as carolyn stoddard | lupita nyong’o as dr. julia hoffman

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days when old fav ds blogs resurrect themselves out of nowhere bless

get to know me meme | [1/5] movies: dark shadows (2012)

Do you think the sexes should be equal?”
“Heavens, no. Men would become unmanageable.”

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pleasant cub answered your post: Do you think Anonblair ever thinks abo…

I can’t resist asking anymore. Who’s Anonblair?

Oh man, I guess this must have been 2+ years ago by now but for a while this anon kept coming around to a few of the DS liveblogs at the time and asking mainly inappropriate questions mainly about Nicholas Blair and it was amazing. I’m so upset I apparently never tagged these asks anything in particular — WAITWAIT BLESS HER ASHLEY TAGGED SOME OF IT this will give you an idea :DD

Do you think Anonblair ever thinks about us like we think about him/her?

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Dear Dark Shadows friends,

I love you

Yes I love you



Mrs. Johnson is trying to smoke a cigarette and drink a cup of coffee AT THE SAME TIME.

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You just lean on me, I’ll help you back.




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